Solutions for Vehicles & Fleets

At Corporate Window Films, we are known for our excellent work at enhancing and customizing the interior and exterior windows as well as interior walls and glass partitions at workplaces around the Philadelphia area. That said, our team of creative design experts are also highly adept at creating and applying window solutions and graphics for vehicles.

If you have a corporate fleet that you want to leverage by having it advertise your business and brand every time you drive to any destination, we can help you. We can add graphics and messages to the windows or sides of your company vehicles that communicate to everyone around you on the road. Once you have us quickly and affordably apply these custom graphics, they will provide an endless stream of advertising for you every time anyone sees one of your vehicles on the road or parked somewhere.

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Window Tinting

Our vehicle tinting is a valuable service for helping to keep the inside of your company vehicles cooler in the summer time and for eliminating glare. This may be especially important depending on the type of business you have such as a limousine service where passenger comfort is paramount.

It’s also critical for general use, however, since tinting will block most of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which will keep you and your employees healthier and keep your upholstery and other sensitive parts of the interior from fading. This will help to maintain the resale value of your vehicles, and it will provide the safety benefit of reducing the chance of accidents from the glare of the sun hitting you in the eyes when you’re driving.

Vehicle Graphics

With over 40 years experience in this industry, our team can make custom graphics that enhance the appearance of your company vehicles while also building name recognition and brand awareness. These are high-quality vinyl graphics that are long lasting, and we work with you to determine what you are looking to achieve from them, and then our team brainstorms and produces a result that’s sure to meet or exceed your expectations. If your cars, vans or trucks are looking drab and boring, let us help you get them and your brand noticed every time they are on the road.

Vehicle Signage

Not having a sign on the side of your company vehicle represents lost opportunity for sales and name recognition every single time you drive anywhere. Whether you are a florist delivering flowers, a home remodeler driving to your next job or whatever your business entails, you may as well be advertising to the next door neighbors of those you are currently providing your services to. At Corporate Window Films, our vinyl signage is high quality and long lasting, and our creative designs will make your vehicles stick out and boost your brand and sales.

Benefits of Commercial Graphics


This is where our vehicle graphics come into play. Our designers have the artistry and experience to create graphics that will make your brand stick out in a positive way to any customers or clients.


Don’t want to advertise your brand too much?  Decorative vehicle wraps & graphics are a great way to make subtle enhancements to the look of your fleets or vehicles!

Hide Imperfections

Have a scratch or other cosmetic issue on your vehicle? Our vehicle wraps & graphics can cover those up and give your vehicle the benefit of free mobile advertising!

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