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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why images in the form of our creative graphics are a powerful way to build your brand and set yourself apart from your competitors. As a business owner, you’re probably aware that you need graphics that reflect and promote your unique identity in the business world in both your interior spaces and on the outside of your building.

At Corporate Window Films, we have over 40 years experience at window tinting and frosting that have provided a host of benefits for our customers. Based in Bucks County, we have served businesses just like yours in the Philadelphia area by bringing our knowledge and experience to bear to improve the appearance and functionality of the glass windows and walls outside and within work spaces. Applying graphics to these same surfaces is yet another service that helps us provide value to you in your quest to stick out in this competitive world.

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Commercial Interior Graphics

The interior spaces of your business project your image to everyone who enters it. Especially in entrance or lobby areas, you only have one chance to make a good first impression on anyone entering your workplace. Whether they are customers, clients or someone looking to apply for a job, they’ll be making many judgments about your business from the appearance of the spaces they are walking in and through.

At Corporate Window Films, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure these office spaces project an image of professionalism that simultaneously builds your brand. When you hire us to work on interior graphics, we work with you to craft graphic designs that complement and augment the rest of your décor.


Commercial Exterior Graphics

While the saying about only having one chance to make a good first impression was already mentioned above regarding interior graphics, the outside of your building is where everyone is truly going to see your business for the first time. It’s important that any exterior graphics project a professional image that makes potential clients or customers want to enter your place of business because they have confidence that you are someone they want to be dealing with.

Our team will ensure that our exterior graphics blend in with the rest of the exterior of your building. This may include having it complement any tinting or frosting you might have already had us apply to the exterior with window films. Our team has the artistry and experience to design exterior graphics that will only serve to enhance your brand and get people in the door of your establishment.


Commercial Wall Graphics

Your office already has walls all over the place as a necessity of structural design. That said, there’s no reason for them to be blank and bland. They’re there, so you may as well have them working for you in making your place of business look better. Wall graphics are an excellent way to accomplish this while also incorporating elements of your brand into these graphics, so you’re building your unique identity at the same time.

Our team at Corporate Window Films can create custom designs for you that add to your décor while incorporating your logo, name and customized text that sells your products, services and brand in general. You’re already paying for all this office space and all the walls in it, so we’ll help you put those walls to work for you as interior billboards to show off what you can do for your clients or customers.


Commercial Window Graphics

Putting graphics on any exterior windows as well as on interior windows or glass partitions is a natural complement to wall graphics. Unlike walls, you’re more likely to have glass windows on your storefront facing the street, so this is a great place for window graphics that catch the eye of passersby and make them want to enter your place of business.

Our team can create graphic designs that combine text and images that come together to send a powerful message to your potential clients or customers. Perhaps you own a pizza place, hair salon, spa or other business that was just named best in town by some publication. We can mention this within an attractive graphic design that also catches the eye of anyone walking past.


Graphics for Vehicles & Fleets

As with your office space, you’re already paying to lease or own those cars, vans or other vehicles in your fleet as well as having to cover the cost of maintenance and insurance on them, so have them start making you money. Car wraps and vehicle graphics will literally make your businesses’ vehicle fleet “marketing in motion.” Depending on your type of business, when your drivers are delivering flowers, auto parts, medical supplies or bringing your skilled workers to remodel a home, fix a roof or to do whatever your business entails, you’ll be automatically advertising your services to everyone else in your current customer’s neighborhood.

None of this will happen, however, until you contact us at Corporate Window Films, so we can utilize vehicle wraps and graphics to transform your company vehicles into mobile billboards that are building your business and brand automatically as you go about your day working your business. Let us help you leverage your vehicle fleet to the maximum extent possible while boosting your sales, which will only help your bottom line.

Benefits of Commercial Graphics

Glare Reduction

No one wants the sun glaring in their eyes especially when they’re trying to get work done. Help make your workforce more productive by having us rid you of this annoying problem.


Our interior frosted window film that covers glass partitions between office spaces is highly decorative and can give your office a more attractive appearance alongside our wall and window graphics!


It can be expensive keeping office space cool. Tinted window film will help lower your cooling costs. Window tinting film acts as an insulation for glass, keeping energy from escaping all year-round.

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